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Follow these steps if your InnoTV requires a firmware update before use.

This tutorial will guide you through the InnoTV registration process step by step.

Note: Wi-Fi is required for registration. Please make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network before attempting to register the console.

Follow these instructions to set up a new Wi-Fi network on your InnoTV.

Follow these steps to download purchased apps to your InnoTV.

This tutorial will answer questions about the InnoTV and its compatibility with InnoTab® cartridges.

Check your InnoTV firmware regularly and update it to the latest version to make sure your InnoTV is up to date.

Follow these steps to reset your InnoTV to factory settings.

Follow these steps to connect your mobile device to InnoTV so it can be used as an input device for more convenient information entry or playing games.

Follow these steps when you need to free up internal memory on InnoTV.

Follow these steps to enjoy the free trial games selected for your child.