What is a family group or a family account in KidiCom Chat?
A family account is a Learning Lodge® account that is used to manage a family. The family account is created automatically when you register your child's KidiBuzz™, and it links the parent who creates the account to any children who have a registered KidiBuzz™.
Show Create My Profile page with the Family Account lable under the username

Whoever owns the family account is in charge of the child's KidiCom Chat™ contact list. Only you can view the child's contact list and approve new friends or invite new members to the family through the family account.
Show screen with the Children tab selected

Every family account has its own group chat in KidiCom Chat™ where all members of the family can chat together. You cannot create new chat groups or delete this existing one.
Show My Chats tab selected with a circle around the family group

When you add a new member to your family, by default they will be added to your family's group chat and to the contact list of your children at the same time.

For more information on how to add someone to your family, see the tutorial How do I add a new member to my family??
Show main menu screen with a circle around the Add Friend icon